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ThinkBamboo Podcast


Regulation: Climate change, Water, Temperature, Biodiversity conservation, Soil, Air, Reforestation, etc.


Ultimate video podcast for everything related to the opportunities in the Bamboo universe.


Limitless added value applications: Structures, biochar, foods, furniture, textiles, charcoal, paper, and bicycles.

Lastest ThinkBamboo Podcast Articles:

  • Dutch Bamboo Event: ‘Bouw met Bamboe’ Workshops, and Networking
    ThinkBamboo Podcast Ep.40 with Anand and Diederik, of the Dutch Bamboo event “Bouw met Bamboe” in Rotterdam. Gain insights into their collaborative efforts and the vibrant Dutch Bamboo Community they are building, spanning the entire supply chain—from plantation to construction. Explore contributions from experts in cultivating bamboo in Europe, manufacturing engineered bamboo, designing with natural and engineered bamboo, engineering calculations, and construction.
  • Dr. Bamboo’s Thriving Vision: Catalyzing Uganda with a Vibrant Ecosystem
    Ep.39 Dr. Koojo Charles Amori from Kontiki Bamboo in Uganda, a company dedicated to the full spectrum of bamboo product manufacturing. Explore the fascinating world of bamboo as Charles discusses products from toothpicks and skewers to blinds and biochar. Learn how Kontiki Bamboo integrates sustainability and circular economy principles across their operations.
  • Beyond Carbon Fiber: Pioneering High-Tech Bamboo Fiber Composites
    Ep.38 Edouard Sherwood from CobraTex, a startup revolutionizing bamboo in composite materials. Expand your knowledge of bamboo fiber composites, specifically Bamboo Continuous Strip Fiber Composites. From sports equipment to airplane components, uncover the diverse range of products revolutionizing industry standards. Gain valuable insights from CobraTex, from intellectual property rights to collaborative ventures with leading industrial giants.

Let’s collaborate

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of regeneration with bamboo, we provide a broad spectrum of solutions to achieve specific goals. Please get in touch with us if you like to get involved as expert with ThinkBamboo. We collaborate with Wübu Bamboo and European Bamboo Expo.