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Bamboo a strategic resource for regeneration


Regulation: Climate change mitigation, Watershed services, Biodiversity conservation, Soil, Air, Reforestation, etc.


Ultimate video podcast for everything related to the opportunities in the Bamboo universe.


Limitless added value applications: Structures, biochar, foods, furniture, textiles, charcoal, paper, and bicycles.

  • The Bamboo Master Keeps On Surprising People
    James Wolf, who kickstarted bamboo flooring in 1995 and has since made significant contributions to the bamboo industry across Vietnam, Japan, USA, Bali and Costa Rica. His +30 years of extensive experience includes collaborations with renowned organizations and ventures, including Bamboo Living, Bamboo Pure, Green School, IBUKU, Boo Bicycles, and Bamboo Master Co and Boohugger, with the latter tree being his latest endeavors.
  • Enhancing Growth With Wübu Bamboo: The Agroforestry Product Forecast
    Special ThinkBamboo Podcast, where we are picking the brain of Juan Pablo Martinez, the founder of WUBU Bamboo in Guatemala. We previously recorded a Podcast #2 learning about Juan Pablos Bamboo Ventures. Today we exclusively spoke about his latest WUBU Bamboo: Agroforestry Product Outlook Vision.
  • Tailor Made Bamboo Bicycles: Merging Forgotten Ideas With The Latest Technology
    20th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, with Oswald Wieser, who founded in 2015 SmartGrassBicycles in Germany. We discuss tailor made bamboo bicycles, history, building bamboo bikes around the globe, handmade Bamboo E-Bikes, the challenge of repairing, unique Characteristics and the future.
  • altPlus: Pioneering The Bamboo Frontier With CEO Eric Rupert
    19th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, we talk with Eric Rupert, the CEO of altPlus. Hailing from Canada and now residing in China, Eric is at the forefront of a bamboo revolution. We discuss engineered bamboo solutions, industry standards, and standardizing bamboo for wider use.
  • Why We Love Radical Ideas: Architect Rethinks Housing With Bamboo 
    17th ThinkBamboo Podcast with Raphaël Ascoli – Radical Ideas: Architect Rethinks Temporal Housing SolutionsWith Bamboo. From his formative years in China to his professional ventures in Japan and his eventual settlement in Myanmar, where he founded the visionary architecture design studio, Blue Temple, Raphaël’s story is a testament to creativity, passion, and transformative design.
  • Carpenter Turned Bamboo Builder Reshaping the World of Bamboo
    In this ThinkBamboo Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Vinc Math, a carpenter by trade, a bamboo expert by profession, and an innovator at heart. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking projects, Vinc Math shares his insights.

Let’s collaborate

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of regeneration with bamboo, we provide a broad spectrum of solutions to achieve specific goals. Please get in touch with us if you like to get involved as expert with ThinkBamboo. We strongly collaborate with Wübu Bamboo and European Bamboo Expo.