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Bamboo a strategic resource for the regeneration


Regulation: Climate change mitigation, Watershed services, Biodiversity conservation, Soil, Air, etc.


Ultimate video podcast for everything related to the opportunities in the bamboo universe.


Limitless added value applications: Structures, biochar, foods, furniture, textiles, charcoal, paper, and bicycles.

  • Exclusive Podcast: Iraklis, Founder of the First European Bamboo Expo
    Discover the fascinating journey of Iraklis Kalamenios with bamboo in the 12th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast. Explore the upcoming European Bamboo Expo and Iraklis’ role as the mastermind behind this extraordinary event. Join us as we delve into the world of bamboo and its connection to Greek heritage.
  • Bamboo Tissue Culture at Bambu Nusa Verde in Indonesia
    Special guest Marc Peeters from Bambu Nusa Verde shares his incredible journey from Belgium to Indonesia, delving into the challenges of bamboo cultivation and the specific opportunities of bamboo tissue culture. From growing plants in trays to conserving endangered species, this exciting episode takes you on a bamboo-filled adventure!
  • ekawa: The Inspiring Journey of Elle and Sergio with bamboo in Colombia
    Elle and Sergio, two passionate architects from the UK who have embarked on an incredible journey in Colombia. From exploring the untapped potential of bamboo to building a sustainable village, their story is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as we delve into their experiences, challenges, and their vision for a bamboo-filled future. EKAWA the rainforest sanctuary for creativity and healing holds space for inspired living immersed in rainforest life. Located in the San Blas valley between San Carlos and San Rafael in Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Bamboo Preservation Methods
    Discover the secrets to preserving bamboo for centuries in this captivating episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast! Join host JJ as he dives deep into the world of bamboo preservation with Agus, the co-founder of iBamboo. From unearthing pre-harvesting techniques to warding off pesky insects, and exploring the fascinating methods of leaching with or without borax and boric acid treatment, we leave no stone unturned. Get ready to unlock the knowledge that will ensure your bamboo stands the test of time
  • Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities in Uganda’s Bamboo Industry
    Bamboo-Uganda is a social business focused on pushing the bamboo value chain in Uganda. The organization was founded two years ago by a group of bamboo enthusiasts looking to fill a gap in the bamboo processing industry in Uganda. The main challenge was the lack of access to bamboo, which they solved by identifying existing plantations and starting a small processing facility to experiment with making quality products.
  • 8-Year Journey in China: A Unique Perspective on Life and Bamboo
    In a recent episode of the ThinkBamboo podcast, Stamatis shared his experiences and insights about his journey from Mexico to China and his passion for bamboo. Daniel Stamatis, has spent over eight years in China studying and working with bamboo.

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