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Bamboo a strategic resource for regeneration


Regulation: Climate change mitigation, Watershed services, Biodiversity conservation, Soil, Air, Reforestation, etc.


Ultimate video podcast for everything related to the opportunities in the Bamboo universe.


Limitless added value applications: Structures, biochar, foods, furniture, textiles, charcoal, paper, and bicycles.

  • ekawa 5th Generation Co-Creative Bamboo Workshop in the Jungle
    Join Elle and Sergio, visionary architects from the UK, as they reunite for another riveting podcast with ThinkBamboo. Discover their upcoming Bamboo Lab workshop in Colombia—an immersion into sculptural bamboo architecture and a lifestyle of rewilding. Disconnect from ‘normal’ life, reconnect with your dreams, and reimagine the possibilities of sustainable living amidst EKAWA, a lush rainforest sanctuary in the San Blas valley of Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Unique Temporal Bamboo Installations For A Reality That Make You Think
    Explore the 26th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast and step into the creative mind of visionary Bamboo Artist, Holland. As the Creative Director of Culm-Innate Studio in Vietnam, Holland shares his journey as a Bamboo Designer, Contractor, Installation Artist, and Art Teacher, making this episode a captivating dive into the world of bamboo from a artistic point of view.
  • Pioneering A Bamboo Education Haven In Ghana To Empower Youth Future
    GROW Colourful Ghana, featured on ThinkBamboo podcast with Rabea Schürmann, leads a bamboo revolution—sustainable construction, community empowerment, and a global movement.
  • Bamboo Education: A Quest Infused with Ancestral Peruvian Magic
    In ThinkBamboo Podcast’s 24th episode, we spoke with Lorena Nolte, a Peruvian “Bamboo Architect Extraordinaire” in Germany. She combines ancient Peruvian building wisdom with modern European design, advocating for bamboo as a sustainable, regenerative, and versatile construction material, showcasing the fusion of ancient and contemporary sustainability in architecture.
  • Bamboo and Silica: The Dynamic Duo of Life Regeneration
    Shanti shares her expertise on harnessing bamboo’s superfood qualities and emphasizes the critical role of proper preparation for maximizing its potential. Shanti’s contributions extend to the forefront of promoting regenerative growth and soil healing, and she graciously unveils bamboo’s hidden potential to elevate our health and well-being.
  • The Bamboo Master Keeps On Surprising People
    James Wolf, who kickstarted bamboo flooring in 1995 and has since made significant contributions to the bamboo industry across Vietnam, Japan, USA, Bali and Costa Rica. His +30 years of extensive experience includes collaborations with renowned organizations and ventures, including Bamboo Living, Bamboo Pure, Green School, IBUKU, Boo Bicycles, and Bamboo Master Co and Boohugger, with the latter tree being his latest endeavors.

Let’s collaborate

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of regeneration with bamboo, we provide a broad spectrum of solutions to achieve specific goals. Please get in touch with us if you like to get involved as expert with ThinkBamboo. We strongly collaborate with Wübu Bamboo and European Bamboo Expo.