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Introducing the ThinkBamboo Podcast

Welcome to ThinkBamboo, the ultimate video podcast covering all things bamboo. Our host, JJ, is a Switzerland-based social entrepreneur, digital nomad, photographer, and project manager. With international experience, JJ offers a unique perspective, emphasizing bamboo’s role in fostering regenerative solutions.

1:1 Video Interviews Regarding Bamboo

In our podcast, we conduct 1:1 interviews with visionaries and early believers in the bamboo industry. These exclusive insights reveal the challenges and opportunities encountered by successful companies. Furthermore, we explore bamboo attractions worldwide, showcasing passionate individuals who raise awareness about its limitless potential. Additionally, we feature interviews with international organizations that strive to transform the bamboo landscape, inspiring others to join their mission.

No BlaBla & No Greenwashing

Through ThinkBamboo, you’ll delve deep into the bamboo industry and the individuals and organizations propelling its expansion. Unlike the constant bombardment of greenwashing propaganda, we firmly believe bamboo provides a natural and regenerative alternative. By acknowledging and comprehending bamboo’s potential for regenerative solutions, we can genuinely address global challenges, rather than paying mere lip service to sustainability without effecting substantial change.

So, whether you’re an enthusiast, entrepreneur, or simply curious about bamboo, ThinkBamboo is the podcast for you. Subscribe now to be the first to receive our latest episodes and stay up-to-date with all things bamboo. Join us on this journey of discovery and inspiration, as we uncover the amazing potential of bamboo.

The Podcast Format

If you’re new to podcasts, think of it as “Internet Radio On-Demand,” akin to Netflix. It allows you to listen or watch content anytime, anywhere. Creating a podcast is accessible to anyone with a computer and microphone, and it’s distributed online for everyone’s enjoyment. Currently, you can access our podcast on YouTube, and in the future, it will likely be available on platforms like Apple iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

We have already released one episode, with more in the pipeline. We’re eager to share additional content in the future and value your feedback and suggestions for bamboo-related topics. Whether you prefer audio or video podcasts, we’ve got you covered. Stay tuned for exciting updates from the ThinkBamboo Podcast!

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