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Quick BambooLogic Interview At European Bamboo Expo in Germany

Nano ThinkBamboo Video Podcast : BambooLogic at European Bamboo Expo 2023

Kjell and Hans joined BambooLogic in 2019 to help structure the company and tap into the growing bamboo market. One of their biggest projects is the Thousand Hectare Plantation in Portugal, with ambitions to expand to 2000 hectares. While BambooLogic are planting bamboo in other parts of Europe, the Portugal project stands out as their flagship endeavor at.

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Video podcast interview with BambooLogic co-founders: Kjell & Hans and JJ from

Video Quick Links

[00:01] Bamboo Logic is expanding rapidly with a focus on Portugal
[01:25] Bamboo has benefits but needs awareness
[02:53] Soil biodiversity – world of microorganisms and fungi
[04:05] Europe is turning to bio-based local products, with bamboo
[05:28] Developing sustainable and ecological processes for products
[06:46] European bio-based garden set made with bamboo composite
[08:21] Bamboo is a sustainable crop for European farmers
[10:01] Bamboo has exceptional mechanical properties

Partnering with Farmers

BambooLogic collaborates with farmers in various countries, providing them with bamboo plants and working together to ensure successful cultivation. They take the off-take once the bamboo is ready for harvest. The aim is to plant as much bamboo as possible across Europe, as the demand from industries and consumers continues to rise.

Demystifying Bamboo’s Potential

One of the core missions of BambooLogic is to demystify bamboo and educate people about its benefits. Kjell and Hans emphasize that many individuals, including politicians, ecological organizations, and governments, lack sufficient knowledge about bamboo. By explaining its advantages and addressing the misconceptions, BambooLogic aims to bridge this knowledge gap and promote the sustainable potential of bamboo.


Biodiversity and Soil Conservation

Addressing concerns about biodiversity, Kjell and Hans share their experience with a bamboo forest they planted five years ago in Portugal. Contrary to popular belief, the forest thrives with abundant bird and animal life, along with 70 endemic plant species. They highlight the importance of considering biodiversity above and below the soil level, acknowledging the need for further exploration of soil biodiversity.

Exploring Bamboo Products

While BambooLogic primarily focuses on plantation and initial processing, they are open to exploring various bamboo products through partnerships and joint ventures. The current trend in Europe favors bio-based and locally sourced materials, providing ample opportunities for bamboo. By leveraging the unique properties of bamboo, BambooLogic aims to develop eco-friendly alternatives in industries such as textiles, construction, and furniture.

Kjell Tahon from BambooLogic
Photo: Kjell Tahon from BambooLogic speaking at the European Bamboo Expo 2023

From Bamboo Fabrics to Bio-based Glues

BambooLogic has been collaborating with a company in Portugal that produces bamboo textile. The goal is to establish a proper ecological process for manufacturing sustainable bamboo fabrics in Europe, reducing reliance on imported materials. Additionally, BambooLogic is pioneering the use of bio-based glues derived from bamboo, contributing to the overall eco-friendly approach of their products.

Designing Sustainable Solutions

BambooLogic believes in collaboration with young designers and architects to shape the future of bamboo in Europe. They are working with an art university in the Netherlands to design a complete garden set, showcasing the versatility and sustainability of bamboo. By incorporating bamboo composites, textiles, and other bio-based materials, BambooLogic aims to create a fully European, bio-based product line.

Photo: Hans Friederich speaking at the very first European Bamboo Expo in German back in 2023
Photo: Hans Friederich speaking at the very first European Bamboo Expo in German back in 2023

The Future of Bamboo in Europe

Kjell and Hans express their optimism about the future of bamboo in Europe. With the region’s increasing focus on bio-based materials and sustainability, the opportunities for bamboo are immense. By investing time, research, and money into the industry, BambooLogic aims to meet the growing demand for bamboo while promoting sustainable business models and offering farmers an alternative income source.

Environmental Considerations

BambooLogic acknowledges that while bamboo brings numerous environmental benefits, careful planning is crucial. They stress the importance of not planting bamboo in nature reserves or protected areas, as it is an agricultural crop rather than a native European plant. By collaborating with the Minister of Agriculture and working closely with farmers, BambooLogic ensures that bamboo cultivation aligns with sustainable practices and benefits both the environment and the local communities.

A Green Oasis

In addition to the industrial applications of bamboo, BambooLogic envisions creating green spaces for people to enjoy. They plan to establish a bed and breakfast guesthouse surrounded by bamboo, offering visitors a unique and relaxing experience. Sitting amidst bamboo provides a sense of serenity and connection with nature—a testament to the versatility and beauty of this remarkable plant.

The Path Ahead

Kjell and Hans recognize that the journey to establish bamboo as a mainstream and sustainable industry in Europe is not without its challenges. They emphasize the importance of research, communication, transparency, and understanding in order to overcome obstacles and facilitate the growth of the bamboo market. BambooLogic is committed to playing its part in this process, promoting bamboo as the future of sustainable materials in Europe.

As BambooLogic continues to expand its projects, collaborate with partners, and explore innovative applications, the potential of bamboo in Europe is poised to flourish. With their dedication to education, demystification, and sustainable practices, Kjell and Hans are leading the way towards a greener and more sustainable future.

BambooLogic Photo

Photo: Exhibitors main hall at the very first European Bamboo Expo in Germany
Photo: Exhibitors main hall at the very first European Bamboo Expo in Germany