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Pring Studio Bamboo Furniture

Nano ThinkBamboo Video Podcast : Pring Studio at European Bamboo Expo 2023

Bamboo Furniture Design: A Fusion of German Innovation and Indonesian Craftsmanship

In a recent episode of the European Bamboo Expo, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dennis from Pring Studio. Pring Studio, the new kid on the block, focuses on designing unique and beautiful bamboo furniture. They design these pieces in Germany and craft them in Indonesia, using Giant Bamboo as the raw material. The conversation revealed the fascinating process behind their furniture production and highlighted the remarkable beauty of their creations.

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See Video Podcast Interview

Video podcast interview with Dennis Pluemer, the CEO of Pring Studio and JJ from

Video Quick Links

[00:00] Designs bamboo products in Germany & produces them in Indonesia
[01:15] Bamboo planks are made by cross laminating two levels of planks
[02:25] Natural color treatment for top food
[03:31] A knock down system furniture with a beautiful design
[04:41] Laminating line allows for standardized production
[05:46] Comparison of two types of solid water
[06:53] New furniture design products coming soon
[08:08] Pring Mini Studio sells unique bamboo furniture

Pring Studio – The Origins: Studio and Factory

In Indonesia, Pring Studio operates both a studio and a factory. Their studio, situated in Dr. Kata, serves as the central hub for design, where creativity thrives amidst vibrant surroundings. On the other hand, their production facilities in Samara bring their innovative designs to life. The team, comprised of around 35 to 40 talented individuals, works diligently to craft their unique designs. The combination of the inspirational atmosphere in Dr. Kata and the well-equipped production facilities in Samara enables Pring Studio to create exceptional furniture pieces.

Photo: pring studio – bamboo circular table furniture. German Design Made in Indonesia

Unveiling the Prototype: Exquisite Giant Bamboo

The podcast offered a unique glimpse into one of Pring Studio’s initial prototypes, a stunning piece crafted from giant bamboo sourced from Indonesia. The team meticulously transforms the bamboo to achieve its smooth and refined appearance. First, they locally obtain bamboo culms with a diameter ranging from 15 to 20 centimeters. In Indonesia, the team skillfully splits the giant bamboo culms into rectangular planks. These planks are then precisely cross-laminated to enhance their strength. Subsequently, the team carries out sanding and sealing processes on the planks, resulting in a breathtaking surface that is not only beautiful but also resistant to scratches.

Photo: Giant Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Asper) from Indonesia

Distinctive Features: Size and Color

Using Dendrocalamus Asper bamboo offers a notable advantage of producing broader planks, resulting in a more pronounced natural pattern compared to other bamboo species. The captivating yellowish hue of the bamboo’s natural color remains unchanged throughout the treatment process. Furthermore, as the bamboo is exposed to sunlight and oxygen, it undergoes maturation and darkening, further enhancing its visual appeal over time.

The Elegance of Bent Bamboo Legs

Pring Studio’s bamboo furniture features elegantly bent bamboo legs, which add a touch of elegance to their designs. The team employs a unique technique to craft these legs. They begin by boiling the bamboo to make it elastic, enabling it to be easily shaped and molded. Once the desired shape is achieved, the bent bamboo is carefully dried, and the components are meticulously glued together. This meticulous process results in a sturdy and visually striking foundation for their furniture pieces.

Design Innovations in Chairs

During the podcast, Pring Studio’s chair designs were also discussed, showcasing intriguing techniques and innovations. One notable aspect is the use of a double plank structure for the legs, which not only creates a slimmer profile but also ensures a sturdy framework. To enable manufacturing standardization, a laminating line is incorporated on the outer side of the chair, ensuring consistent production distances. Another striking feature is the X-shaped structure below the seat, achieved by laminating planks. This design not only enhances the chair’s strength but also exposes the end grain of the bamboo, adding an eye-catching detail.

Maturation and Variation: Aesthetic Development

As bamboo furniture ages, it undergoes noticeable changes in color and appearance. When comparing a chair that is three weeks old to one that is three months old, distinct variations become evident. The three-week-old chair showcases a brighter color, while the three-month-old chair displays a deeper and more luxurious tone. This maturation process adds to the unique character of each piece.

Expanding Horizons: Future Projects

Exciting projects are on the horizon for Pring Studio. Dennis revealed that upcoming designs will include chairs with armrests, a versatile coffee table, and a particularly intriguing dining table. The dining table features a knock-down system for easy transportation and storage, with separate parts that can be conveniently assembled. Pring Studio’s commitment to innovation and continuous development is evident in their ambitious plans.

Affordability and Availability

Pring Studio aims to make their exquisite bamboo furniture accessible to a broader audience. The pricing for their chairs in Germany ranges from approximately €270 to €370. Pring Mini Studio’s website is and their Instagram is Pring_Studio