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Carpenter Turned Bamboo Builder Reshaping The World of Bamboo

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16th ThinkBamboo Podcast with Vinc Math – German carpenter turned Bamboo Builder by serendipity, he gives ThinkBamboo, first hand insights about the Bamboo building challenges.

In this edition of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Vinc Math, a carpenter by trade, a bamboo expert by profession, and an innovator at heart. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking projects, Vinc Math shares his insights, experiences, and a unique ancestral technique that’s reshaping the world of bamboo construction. I first saw Vinc at his Bamboo workshop in Germany at the EuropeanBambooExpo in Dortmund. I noticed he was making his own “connectors” from Bamboo which is one ancestral method of joining bamboo.

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Video podcast interview with Vinc Math and JJ from

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[00:00] Vinc Math specialize in building with bamboo and provides consultancy services
[04:25] There is a growing interest in bamboo construction
[08:12] Working with bamboo as a material presents unique challenges
[12:08] Bamboo structures push architectural boundaries
[15:56] Bamboo requires customisation and re-thinking processes
[19:26] Bamboo can push boundaries even in standardised industries
[22:51] Bamboo has great potential for innovation and development
[26:22] Bamboo projects promote sharing and appreciation among the community

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Explore the full ThinkBamboo Podcast episode featuring Vinc Math to dive deeper into the captivating world of bamboo design, architecture, and construction. Discover how this ancient material is weaving its way into the fabric of modern innovation, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary design.

Building a Legacy: From Carpenter to Bamboo Enthusiast

Vinc Math‘s journey started in Germany, where he honed his craft as a carpenter through a robust apprenticeship system. Little did he know that fate had an extraordinary plan for him. A chance encounter with bamboo and the guidance of key influencers, notably Felix Böck and Jörg Stamm, shifted his path towards bamboo construction., shifted his path towards bamboo construction. This fateful journey led him to establish a global bamboo consultancy, dedicated to helping people create stunning, sustainable, and functional structures using this remarkable natural resource.

Crafting Beauty & Functionality: Bamboo Design Essence

Vinc Math doesn’t just build structures; he crafts timeless works of art. He emphasizes that effective bamboo design isn’t solely about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring that designs are operationally functional, environmentally sustainable, and financially viable. With his wealth of experience, he shares design and construction strategies that ensure bamboo projects go beyond beauty, standing the test of time while respecting the environment.

Ancestral Technique of Joining Bamboo with Bamboo

In the world of bamboo construction, Vinc Math unveils a unique technique that harkens back to ancient practices – joining bamboo with bamboo. This ancestral method transcends traditional joinery and allows for remarkable creativity and structural integrity. Vinc discusses how this technique has the power to transform bamboo structures into works of art, while maintaining the material’s inherent sustainability. Joinery techniques are an essential aspect of bamboo construction. Vinc shares his enthusiasm for using various ancestral methods to connect bamboo poles together, creating resilient and elegant structures. The ever-growing toolbox of joinery methods continues to captivate him, leading to an ever-advancing skill set.

Challenging Perspectives: Bamboo’s Role in Pushing Architectural Boundaries

One of the most captivating aspects of bamboo is its ability to challenge architectural norms and push boundaries. Vinc Math highlights how bamboo can achieve organic shapes and fluid structures that redefine our perception of design and space. As he aptly puts it, bamboo architecture invites us to embrace a different way of thinking and immerse ourselves in nature, mirroring the open classrooms where creativity can flourish.

Embracing Customization and Sustainability: The Future of Bamboo Construction

Building with bamboo comes with its challenges, including standardization and code implementation. Vinc Math, a staunch advocate for customization, believes that embracing bamboo’s inherent inconsistency is what makes it beautiful. While the standardization of materials like engineered bamboo is on the rise, he stresses the importance of maintaining the craftsman’s touch and understanding of the material. The future, he envisions, holds a blend of academic engineering and traditional craftsmanship, fostering a sustainable and innovative bamboo construction industry.

Vinc Math’s journey from a carpenter’s workshop to the forefront of bamboo innovation is a testament to the potential and power of this remarkable material. As he continues to push the boundaries of bamboo construction, he invites us all to explore the limitless possibilities of sustainable design, one bamboo pole at a time.

From Furniture to Structures: The Bamboo Consultancy

Transitioning from his background in furniture, Vinc embarked on a diverse journey that led him to become a consultant for bamboo construction projects worldwide. The Bamboo Consultancy, a venture he established, focuses on guiding people in building with bamboo, embracing its unique characteristics, and implementing innovative solutions in a variety of global contexts.
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Breaking the Myth of Bamboo Expertise

The world of bamboo presents a fascinating conundrum – there is no universal bamboo expert. With an extensive variety of bamboo species and applications, Vinc believes that a true expert must encompass a vast knowledge base rather than mastering just one aspect. Bamboo’s innate diversity challenges craftsmen to adapt and explore, making each project an exciting adventure.

Bamboo: A Paradigm Shift in Architecture

Vinc’s firsthand experience of bamboo structures has transformed his perception of design and architecture. Unlike traditional European structures, bamboo’s innate flexibility and organic shapes offer a distinct aesthetic. For urban dwellers accustomed to square structures, bamboo construction evokes a sense of awe and connection with nature.

Choosing the Right Bamboo: An Essential Aspect

While Europe boasts bamboo resources, the concept of “perfect bamboo” remains elusive. Vinc advocates embracing local bamboo varieties to design and build structures that harmoniously blend with their surroundings. He believes that using bamboo that is available nearby fosters sustainable practices and reinforces the connection between humans and their environment.