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Bamboo and Silica: The Dynamic Duo of Life Regeneration

In the 23rd episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Shanti from BambooLeafTea discussing bamboo’s regenerative potential for Human, Fauna and Flora. She’s a key advocate for regenerative growth and soil healing, revealing some of the Bamboo and Silica secrets for improving health and well-being.

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Video podcast interview with Shanti , and JJ from

Video Quick Links

[00:01] Shanti’s journey to becoming a Bamboo expert and her work at Walt Disney
[02:53] Bamboo is a versatile and beneficial plant for animals and agriculture
[08:12] Bamboos are essential for healing the soil and promoting regenerative growth
[10:40] Silica-rich horsetail tea helps in building back degraded soils and strengthens plants
[15:45] Silica in bamboo biochar is a water soluble element with many medicinal benefits
[18:10] Bamboo research is increasing globally
[22:28] Bamboo shoots grow between March and May in Georgia
[24:43] Harvesting bamboo shoots and using the comb sheath to make tea
[28:58] Bamboo mulch is important for bamboo growth and can enhance fungi
[31:17] Bamboo can be broken down through fermentation, heating, or solvent to access sugars
[35:39] Bamboo powder is a superfood that can be used as a gluten-free flour
[37:46] To utilize bamboo effectively, it is important to cook and dry all parts of the plant
[42:18] Silica removes heavy metals and specifically aluminum from the body
[44:34] Bamboo to enhance soil quality and provide benefits for humans and animals
[48:41] Bamboo tea is beneficial for purifying air and preventing toxins
[55:37] Bamboo is feared and misunderstood, but artists are using it creatively and sustainably
[57:40] Bamboo has health benefits and can lower cholesterol levels
[1:01:42] Bamboos are key for regenerative agriculture
[1:03:49] Bamboo can reduce anxiety, improve brain function, and boost the immune system
[1:08:52] Bamboo is a valuable resource with numerous benefits

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Shanti from Bamboo Leaf Tea

Welcome to the “ThinkBamboo Podcast” where we engage in an in-depth conversation with none other than Shanti from BambooLeafTea. This enlightening discussion delves into the multifaceted world of bamboo and its transformation into a superfood. Shanti shares her extensive knowledge, highlighting the profound importance of proper preparation to harness the maximum potential of Bamboo. We gain a deeper understanding of bamboo’s remarkable potential to enhance not only our physical health but also our overall well-being. Learn the extraordinary realm where bamboo and silica unite as a dynamic duo for life regeneration.

Beyond her expertise in bamboo’s culinary applications, Shanti has played a pivotal role in advocating for regenerative growth and soil healing through the utilization of bamboo. Her dedication and passion shine through as she meticulously unravels the hidden secrets of bamboo.

Bamboo: A Life-Altering Journey

Shanti’s love affair with bamboo began nearly three decades ago when she decided to make a profound change in her life. Leaving behind her role in event management, she ventured into a modest job at a nursery specializing in bamboo and ornamental grasses. Little did she know that this decision would lead her to a world of wonder and transformation.

Disney’s Bamboo Whisperer

As fate would have it, Shanti’s journey with bamboo took an unexpected turn, leading her to the enchanting realm of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here, she assumed the role of a bamboo and ornamental grass specialist, creating an intersection between her love for animals, plants, people, spaces, and events. Disney’s emphasis on storytelling provided her with a unique canvas to showcase bamboo’s versatile nature.

The magic lay not just in using bamboo to tell stories but also in its role as a food source for a diverse array of animals. From elephants to gorillas, from small mammals to otters, bamboo found its place in the diet of almost every creature at Disney. This revelation marked the beginning of Shanti’s mission to harness bamboo’s regenerative potential.

Bamboo’s Role in Regenerative Agriculture

Fast forward to today, Shanti is a beacon in the realm of regenerative agriculture, and bamboo is at the forefront of her efforts. Bamboo’s unparalleled adaptability to changing climates and its resilience in extreme conditions make it an invaluable asset in the fight against climate change.

Bamboo, as Shanti explains, is an integral part of the intricate dance between plants and their symbiotic fungi and bacteria. These microbial allies help plants evolve and adapt to their environments, a phenomenon observed as far back as the early 1900s. Bamboo, with its intricate root systems and diverse microbial communities, epitomizes this relationship.

The Bamboo Silica Miracle

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Bamboo, rich in silica, plays a pivotal role in enhancing soil health and sequestering carbon. Silica, a natural element found in bamboo, boosts the plant’s ability to break apart CO2, effectively aiding in carbon sequestration. Furthermore, it increases chlorophyll production, enhancing photosynthesis and the plant’s vitality.

Silica’s benefits extend beyond the plant itself. It holds the key to detoxifying the human body by removing heavy metals, including the notorious aluminum. In an era where environmental toxins are ubiquitous, bamboo’s natural detoxifying properties offer a lifeline for those seeking a healthier, metal-free life.

Harvesting Bamboo for Life Regeneration

Understanding bamboo’s life cycle is crucial to harnessing its regenerative potential. Bamboo shoots, often seen as a culinary delight, are an essential part of this cycle. Harvesting bamboo shoots at the right time is critical for maximum benefit. Shanti provides valuable insights into the art of bamboo shoot harvesting, emphasizing the importance of cutting them when they are young and tender.

But bamboo’s regenerative wonders don’t stop at shoots. Every part of the bamboo plant can be utilized, from roots to leaves, stems to shavings. The leaves, in particular, are rich in minerals and can be harvested even after they’ve been on the ground for weeks or months.

Respecting Cyanogenic Glycosides

Shanti’s expertise also extends to the crucial aspect of processing bamboo materials, especially when it comes to respecting cyanogenic glycosides. Proper processing ensures that bamboo can be utilized safely without any health risks. Shanti advocates for careful handling and processing to make the most of bamboo’s abundant potential.

Bamboo’s Vision for a Flourishing Future

In Shanti’s vision of the future, bamboo plays a central role in sustainable living. She envisions bamboo nurturing life in nursing homes, flourishing in therapeutic gardens, and revolutionizing regenerative agriculture. Bamboo, with its adaptability and regenerative qualities, symbolizes hope for a greener, more sustainable world.


As we delve into the mesmerizing world of bamboo and silica, we uncover nature’s grand design. Bamboo, with its remarkable adaptability, and silica, with its healing properties, form a dynamic duo capable of regenerating life forms and ecosystems. Shanti’s journey from event management to Disney’s Bamboo Whisperer to a regenerative agriculture advocate highlights the incredible potential of this unassuming plant. Bamboo, together with silica, offers us a glimpse into a harmonious future where sustainability and regeneration go hand in hand.