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Unique Temporal Bamboo Installations For A Reality That Make You Think

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Explore the 26th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast and step into the creative mind of visionary Bamboo Artist, Holland. As the Creative Director of Culm-Innate Studio in Vietnam, Holland shares his journey as a Bamboo Designer, Contractor, Installation Artist, and Art Teacher, making this episode a captivating dive into the world of bamboo from a artistic point of view.

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Video: ThinkBamboo Podcast with host JJ and guest Holland

Video Quick Links

[00:01] Introduction to Holland, the Bamboo Artist
[00:40] Bamboo education classroom built in Vietnam
[04:06] Holland’s journey from the U.S. to Vietnam
[10:41] Holland’s motivations for working with bamboo
[13:55] Recognizing skilled bamboo craftsmen in Vietnam
[14:36] Shifting perspectives on bamboo beyond stereotypes
[18:53] The positive view of the younger generation towards bamboo
[20:10] Holland’s artistic freedom and expression with bamboo
[26:19] Discussing surrealism in non-traditional spaces
[29:31] The ongoing inspiration drawn from the diversity of bamboo
[30:04] The regenerative potential of bamboo as an alternative to timber
[33:57] Ongoing discovery of bamboo applications and techniques
[38:22] Bamboo glasses made with Vietnamese oxhorn and bamboo collaboration
[39:33] Shifting perspectives on bamboo beyond stereotypes
[40:08] Upcoming events in South Korea, Hong Kong, and potentially China.
[46:37] Encouraging people to explore the bamboo rabbit hole
[54:32] Artistic freedom in working with bamboo versus architectural constraints.

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Imagine a world where bamboo transforms into stunning, thought-provoking art installations that inspire sustainable living. Meet an innovative artist pushing the boundaries of traditional art with temporal bamboo structures and installations that truly make you think.

Often I think as an architect frustrates me because you have to think about so many other elements involved to get to the product or the design idea or the concept. And with art you can kind of throw out all these restrictions and just think about the material. And also it’s a great way to get people to see it in a new light and also to set precedent in countries for how we can use the material because regulating a sculpture-is a very different set of rules than if you’re building a house for someone to live in. So you get to break and bend ways you can use the material, and then that can jump into future applications that might surprise us.

Quote: Holland
Bamboo Installations - preschool & kindergarten
Photo: Located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It’s built for international kindergarten and preschool. Focus on education and bamboo.

Bamboo Education and Sustainable Solutions

The artist has been a visionary in promoting bamboo education and creating sustainable event solutions. From designing bamboo classrooms for kindergartens in Vietnam to crafting innovative bamboo installations for music events in Thailand, the artist has been at the forefront of pushing the limits of bamboo’s potential for structural and artistic purposes. For instance, Budweiser and Air Asia were inspired to incorporate bamboo into their sight installations, reflecting the growing trend of bamboo integration in event spaces and beyond.

Exploring Hollands Bamboo Journey Bamboo

The transition from Baltimore to South Korea and then to Vietnam for eight years allowed Holland to deeply explore bamboo and natural materials. This approach involved learning from local farmers and artisans, implementing diverse natural materials, and understanding the growing focus on the bamboo industry for sustainability in Vietnam.

Overcoming Bamboo Challenges

Working with different bamboo teams and factories to address challenges, the artist has implemented quick and simplistic assembly methods for temporary structures. By combining bamboo with luxury materials, the artist is changing perceptions of bamboo as a high-end material and overcoming challenges of working with this versatile resource.

Creating Demand for Sustainable Bamboo Art

The younger generation’s evolving mindset towards bamboo as a high-end material is reshaping the demand for sustainable art. Companies using bamboo in high-end spaces are helping change perceptions of the material and showing its potential, creating a demand for unique and inspiring experiential art installations with a sustainable focus.

The Appeal of Experiential Art Installations

The temporary nature of experiential art installations draws people to larger events. Collaborations with brands like Singha Beer at Wonderfruit focus on sustainability and reducing industrial materials, emphasizing reusable bamboo structures to change behaviors towards sustainability and waste reduction.

Bamboo’s Inspiring and Sustainable Nature

Bamboo offers structural integrity and natural beauty combined with sustainability, making it an inspiring and sustainable material. Its regenerative harvesting and modern applications position it as a sustainable alternative to timber, fueling the artist’s exploration of identity and impermanence in art.

Bamboo Installations - Rolling Loud Thailand

Diverse Bamboo Types and Global Impact

The diverse varieties of bamboo in Vietnam and Thailand, such as ‘guy bamboo’ in Vietnam and the quality variations in different regions of Thailand, showcase the global versatility of bamboo. The artist aims to connect places where bamboo is not indigenous, aiming to change the common perception of bamboo as just panda food or cheap furniture.

Bamboo Installations - Green Man

Transforming Recycled Materials

The artist’s exploration of fusing recycled plastic boards with bamboo showcases the possibilities for sustainable industrial materials. Bamboo’s zero waste and versatility in artistic creation, combined with the transformation of plastic waste into new materials, highlight the positive impact of sustainable practices in modern art.

Innovative Bamboo Applications

The fusion of traditional bamboo craft with digital applications, such as using VR and AI, has been pivotal in breaking traditional boundaries and inspiring young architects to think differently. The artist’s studio serves as a creative lab for experimentation and modern design processes, encouraging a revolution in alternative artistic materials.

A Call to Action: Embracing Bamboo

As the artist continues to share personal projects and inspiration related to bamboo, it’s clear that this sustainable medium is not just for art installations. It’s a call to action, encouraging people to start using bamboo in various ways, big or small, to make a positive impact on sustainability.


The artist’s groundbreaking work with bamboo not only inspires awe but also emphasizes the importance of sustainability and innovative use of natural resources. Through the fusion of traditional craft with modern techniques, the artist has demonstrated the transformative power of bamboo in the world of art and sustainable living.