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ekawa 5th Generation Co-Creative Bamboo Workshop in the Jungle

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The 27th episode of the #ThinkBamboo Podcast is a update with ekawa founders Elle and Sergio directly from within their Jungle Lab in Colombia. We discuss the upcoming 5th Generation three week long retreat workshop of sculptural Bamboo architecture!

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Video: ThinkBamboo Podcast with host Elle and Sergio from ekawa in Colombia

Video Quick Links

[00:00] EKAWA’s upcoming event, 5th Generation, in July 2024
[02:49] Three-week workshop immerses participants in alternative lifestyle.
[07:42] Bamboo lab as a base for imagination and innovation
[09:53] This workshop will be conducted in English
[14:51] Participants will submerge into sculptural bamboo architecture
[17:07] Emergence of a movement in sustainable architecture
[21:05] Sculptural space as a space of wellness and upliftment
[23:08] Immersing for three weeks designing shapes and creativity.
[30:00] Accommodation options for workshop in Jungle Lab at ekawa.

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Please check ekawa’s 5th generation sculptural bamboo architecture workshop detailed information here.

Discovering Co-Creation: Sculptural Bamboo Architecture Unveiled

Elle and Sergio unveil their ambitious project – the Bamboo Lab. This immersive space invites participants to co-create sculptural bamboo architecture, blending artistry with sustainability.

A Deep Dive into Sustainable Living

Join us as we explore the unique blend of craftsmanship and environmental consciousness at the heart of the Bamboo Lab. Dive into the transformative experience of rewilding, disconnecting from the ordinary and reconnecting with nature’s rhythms.

Embracing Diversity: A Global Collaboration

From architects to dreamers, the Bamboo Lab welcomes participants from all walks of life. Experience the synergy of diverse perspectives converging in a shared vision for sustainable living.

From Survival to Sculpture: The Evolution of EKAWA

Elle and Sergio share the evolution of EKAWA from survivalist beginnings to a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation. Experience the journey of co-creation as the Bamboo Lab grows and adapts with each generation.

Building a Sustainable Future, One Bamboo at a Time

Explore the challenges and triumphs of sculptural bamboo architecture. Learn how Elle and Sergio are revolutionizing sustainable living, one workshop at a time.

Join the Movement: Experience the Bamboo Lab

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation? Join Elle and Sergio at the upcoming 5th Generation Jungle Bamboo Lab Workshop and become part of a global movement towards sustainable living.

Conclusion: Crafting Tomorrow

As we conclude our conversation, it’s clear that the Bamboo Lab is more than just a workshop—it’s a catalyst for change, symbolizing a profound shift towards sustainable living and innovation. Join us as we uncover the beauty of sculptural bamboo architecture and embrace a future built on creativity, collaboration, and sustainability.