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New Horizons: From Architect to Eco-Pioneer, A Bamboo Visionary’s Odyssey

Ep.32 of the #ThinkBamboo Podcast, meet Bryan, an architect and entrepreneur from El Salvador, dedicated to sustainable building practices. Join us as we explore Bryan’s journey of crafting eco-friendly cabins with bamboo and recycled materials, highlighting the beauty of harmonizing architecture with nature.

See Video Podcast Interview

Video: ThinkBamboo Podcast with host JJ and Bryan Cano founder of jaraguah in El Salvador

Video Quick Links

[00:01] Introduction and Background
[03:03] Building the First Eco Cabin
[10:58] Implementing Bamboo Construction
[38:05] The First Three Cabins
[42:03] The Second Cabin – Pangolera
[44:26] Designing with Recycled Wood and Bamboo
[45:07] Maintaining a Consistent Design Aesthetic
[46:01] Influences from ekawa and tacuara in Colombia
[47:00] Building the Largest Bamboo Structure
[49:10] Incorporating Different Types of Bamboo
[50:29] The Magical Atmosphere of the Bamboo Structures
[53:42] Experimenting with Rammed Earth
[56:16] The Process of Building with Rammed Earth
[58:48] Using Recycled Materials in Construction
[01:01:00] Sharing Knowledge and Inspiring Others
[01:02:06] Preserving Trees within the Structures
[01:04:19] Incorporating Natural Elements in the Design
[01:05:05] Using Bamboo and Rattan for Lighting
[01:06:30] Involving Family Members in the Project
[01:08:36] Future Plans for Bamboo Workshops and Education

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Brian Cano, an architect and entrepreneur (jaraguah) from El Salvador, shares his journey of building with bamboo and eco-friendly materials for creation of original designs. He discusses the challenges he faced in finding the right bamboo species and learning the techniques of bamboo construction at ekawa in Colombia. We discuss the challenges encountered in sourcing suitable bamboo species currently in El Salvador and mastering construction techniques.

Photos: jaraguah Eco Cabins in El Salvador, Central America

Innovative Eco Cabins

Bryan unveils his pioneering efforts in crafting eco-friendly cabins using recycled materials. Each structure not only showcases his commitment to sustainability but also offers guests a unique and memorable experience, blending design ingenuity with environmental consciousness. Check his AirBnb profile where you can book one of the following – Sorgo Cabin, Jaraguah and Pangolera eco cabins jaraguah AirBnb.

Photos: Bamboo Architecture at jaraguah in El Salvador, Central America

Design Philosophy and Challenges

Bryan emphasizes the importance of maintaining a consistent design aesthetic while incorporating various bamboo types. Despite facing challenges, such as construction during the rainy season, his creative approach and dedication to sustainability shine through.

Photos: Bamboo Architecture at jaraguah in El Salvador, Central America

Future Endeavors and Environmental Stewardship

Looking ahead, Bryan shares his aspirations for further experimentation with bamboo construction and rammed earth. His vision encompasses not only architectural innovation but also a profound commitment to preserving the environment through the use of recycled materials and the integration of trees within structures.