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Smart And Easy: The IKEA-Inspired Bamboo Construction Kit

Christoph Diekhans discusses in the Ep.33 of the #ThinkBamboo Podcast, his master thesis on a Bamboo Construction Education Center in Ghana, highlighting the vision for a modular Bamboo Construction Kit and international collaboration through the Bamboo Seminar. He emphasizes the significance of interdisciplinary efforts and aims to spread the ‘bamboo virus’ while developing sustainable construction solutions.

See Video Podcast Interview

Video: ThinkBamboo Podcast with JJ and Christoph Diekhans discussing the Bamboo Construction Kit

Video Quick Links

[00:01] Introduction and Background
[04:03] Master Thesis
[10:05] Changes Implementing Bamboo
[16:31] The Bamboo Construction Kit: A Modular and Adaptable Solution
[29:14] Bamboo Seminars at RheinMain University
[36:27] Constructing the Rooftop of a Bamboo Treatment Area in Ghana
[46:54] The Importance of Global Collaboration and Interdisciplinary Work
[48:31] Personal goal to infect people with the bamboo virus

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In a recent episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, host JJ engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Christoph Diekhans, a lecturer at The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Germany, on the intricacies of bamboo construction. This enlightening conversation uncovers various challenges faced in the realm of bamboo construction and explores innovative solutions to propel the field forward.

Master Thesis at HTW-Berlin

Christoph Dikhans, the youngest Bamboo lecturer at The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Germany, embarked on his journey of bamboo exploration through his master thesis at HTW-Berlin. His collaboration with the non-profit organization Grow Colorful Ghana, alongside Rabea, was a pioneering effort to introduce sustainable building practices in Ghana. Together, they envisioned and initiated the establishment of a bamboo construction education center, aiming to empower communities with the knowledge and skills necessary for eco-friendly construction practices.

The Bamboo Construction Kit

Central to Christoph’s thesis is his visionary concept of the Bamboo Construction Kit, one of the four pillars of his research. This innovative kit embodies sustainability, modularity, and adaptability. Christoph envisions it as a game-changer in the construction industry, offering a cost-effective, quick-to-build solution that addresses the pressing need for sustainable building materials. With its versatile design, the Bamboo Construction Kit has the potential to revolutionize construction practices globally, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

Bamboo Seminar: Climate-Friendly Building

As part of his role at RheinMain University, Christoph leads a bamboo seminar focused on climate-friendly building practices. This seminar serves as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together students and professionals from various fields to explore the potential of bamboo, clay, and wood as sustainable building materials. Moreover, Christoph emphasizes the importance of international collaboration in advancing bamboo construction. Through partnerships with organizations and universities worldwide, he aims to foster knowledge exchange and drive innovation in sustainable architecture.