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Dutch Bamboo Event: ‘Bouw met Bamboe’ Workshops, and Networking

Tune into the #ThinkBamboo Podcast, Ep.40 with Anand and Diederik, the co-organizers of the Dutch Bamboo Symposium in Rotterdam “Bouw met Bamboe.” Discover their inspiring journey working with bamboo, from hands-on projects in India to pioneering bamboo construction in Europe. Gain insights into their collaborative efforts and the vibrant Dutch Bamboo Community they are building, spanning the entire supply chain—from plantation to construction. Explore contributions from experts in cultivating bamboo in Europe, manufacturing engineered bamboo, designing with natural and engineered bamboo, engineering calculations, and construction.

Video Podcast Interview

Video: ThinkBamboo Podcast – Anand and Diederik, Dutch Bamboo Symposium “Bouw met Bamboe

Video Quick Links

00:00 Introduction and Overview
00:58 Past Experience with Bamboo
06:14 Structural Engineering with Bamboo in the European Context
09:17 The Future of Bamboo as a Building Material in Europe
12:31 Experiences Organizing the Dutch Bamboo Event
20:43 Networking and Connecting Professionals in the Bamboo Industry
23:58 Sponsorship and ISO Standards for Bamboo
26:52 Structural Bamboo Engineering in Europe
29:19 Challenges and Opportunities in Bamboo Architecture
31:52 The Future of Bamboo in Construction
34:58 Pioneering European Bamboo Architecture
36:38 Organizing the Dutch Bamboo Event
38:49 Closing Remarks and Invitation to the Event

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Journey into Bamboo

In this episode of the ThinkBamboo podcast, hosts delve into the fascinating journeys of Anand Shah and Diederik Veenendaal, the masterminds behind the Dutch Bamboo Event, “Bouw met Bamboe“. Anand and Diederik share their decade-long experience with bamboo, starting from hands-on projects in India to calculating bamboo structures in Philippines. Their passion for this sustainable material is evident as they recount the challenges and triumphs that have shaped their careers.

The Story Behind “Bouw met Bamboe”

The motivation for #BouwMetBamboe stemmed from a desire to unite the bamboo community in the Netherlands. Anand and Diederik envisioned a platform where professionals and enthusiasts could connect, share knowledge, and foster a collaborative network. The event, set to take place at BlueCity in Rotterdam, promises an engaging mix of workshops, lectures, and networking opportunities. The overwhelming response from sponsors like the Hilti Foundation, World Bamboo Organization, and Bamboo Logic, along with positive feedback from the community, underscores the event’s significance in promoting bamboo as a viable building material.

The Future of Bamboo in Europe: Structural Engineering and Beyond

A significant portion of the podcast is dedicated to discussing the potential of bamboo in structural engineering within the European context. Anand and Diederik emphasize the need for greater awareness and acceptance of bamboo as a sustainable alternative in construction. They highlight the adoption of ISO standards for bamboo structural calculations in the Netherlands, which paves the way for broader use in building permits. Looking ahead, they envision a future where bamboo plays a crucial role in Europe’s sustainable development, driven by innovative projects and increased industry collaboration.

Event Co-Organizers and Participants

“Bouw met Bamboe” is not just about showcasing bamboo projects; it’s about building a community. The event will feature 18 Dutch companies involved in bamboo architecture and construction. Participants can look forward to workshops on model making, structural engineering, and practical construction techniques.

Curated exhibition featuring innovative bamboo design and construction solution. Bambooder, Amsterdam, NL BambooLogic, Nijmegen, NL BKVV Architects, Amsterdam, NL Impossible Projects, Rotterdam, NL Mocadazu Luxury Tents, Den Haag, NL Architecture Brio, Rotterdam, NL Curveworks, Alphen aan den Rijn, NL Natrufied Architecture, Bergen, NL Atelier Nomadic, Rotterdam, NL Strito Development, Nijmegen, NL Summum Engineering, Rotterdam, NL Walden Studio, Rotterdam, NL MOSO Bamboo, Hoorn, NL Dragonwood, Utrecht, NL
Image: Curated exhibition featuring innovative bamboo design and construction solution

With lectures from 22 distinguished speakers and reduced fees for students, the event is designed to be accessible and informative for both seasoned professionals and newcomers. Hosted in the innovative setting of BlueCity, the event will also offer vegan meals and ample networking opportunities, ensuring a holistic and enriching experience for all attendees.

Image: Hands-on bamboo workshop,  Technical class and Bamboo Construction workshop.
Image: Hands-on bamboo workshop, Technical class and Bamboo Construction workshop.

Join Summum Engineering, Atelier Nomadic, Walden Studio, and Maria Piels at the Dutch Bamboo Symposium in Rotterdam “Bouw met Bamboe” from June 19-21, 2024, and be part of the movement to elevate bamboo as a cornerstone of sustainable architecture in Europe.

Dutch Bamboo Event: 'Bouw met Bamboe' Workshops, and Networking