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European Bamboo Expo 2023

Retro Perspective of the first European Bamboo Expo

With less than a month remaining until the next European Bamboo Expo unfolds its splendor in Dortmund, Germany (May 16-18, 2024), it’s the perfect time to reflect on the inaugural event that captured the hearts and minds of bamboo enthusiasts worldwide.

Growing Bamboo From Seed

Learn howto grow bamboo from seed. It requires proper preparation, such as soaking the seeds, ensuring adequate moisture, and transplanting at the right time. With patience and care, you can successfully germinate and transplant bamboo seedlings in as little as eight weeks.

ThinkBamboo Podcast

Introducing the ThinkBamboo Podcast

Welcome to ThinkBamboo, the ultimate video podcast for everything related to the bamboo universe. Our host, J, is a passionate social entrepreneur, digital nomad, photographer, and web project manager based in Switzerland. Having lived and worked in various countries, JJ brings a unique perspective to the podcast, highlighting the importance of bamboo in creating regenerative solutions.

Bamboo enhancing Fauna Biodiversity

Bamboo is an exceptional plant that plays a critical role in supporting the local ecosystem by providing essential resources for animals. Its shoots, leaves, seeds, and insects serve as a significant source of food for many species while also offering protection from predators and harsh weather conditions. By planting bamboo, you can significantly enhance the biodiversity in your local ecosystem, providing essential resources for wildlife.

ThinkBamboo Blog - Bamboo AirCon

Natural AirCon with Bamboo

The natural air movement effect created by the tall and dense crown of the bamboo pushes aside the air, resulting in higher wind velocity and a cooling effect under the bamboo. This effect is further enhanced by the cooler air temperatures and higher humidity levels created by the microclimate under the bamboo. Bamboo can provide a natural alternative to artificial cooling systems like air conditioners, and contribute to a more comfortable and livable environment for people and animals.

Bamboo Reforestation at MachuPichu Zone

Reforestation With Bamboo

Reforestation With Bamboo Guadua and Dendrocalamus Asper. zone by zone. Additionally to the bamboo reforestation we have been able to identify local shrubs and trees that attract insects and birds because of their flowers. They are growing all over the areas so the seeds have been lying in the soil for some time and now they are sprouting. And they attract more bio-diversity. The bamboo does the same thing for the birds and reptiles.

Guadua angustifolia

Guadua Bamboo

Among the many species of bamboo, Guadua angustifolia stands out for its exceptional growth rate and high yield of usable fiber. This species can yield up to 14 tons of fiber per acre per year, making it a valuable crop for farmers and a valuable resource for a range of industries. In addition to its commercial potential, Guadua is also a powerful tool in the fight against climate change, as it can sequester large amounts of carbon.

The moon - harvest bamboo according to the moon phase

Harvest Bamboo According To The Moon Phase

To increase the longevity of the bamboo, the traditional ancestral bamboo method of only harvesting during the perfect moon phase days and optimal hours of the day was used. It is critical to time the bamboo harvest so that the sugar content is at its lowest. Harvested bamboo has a low sugar content, making it less appealing to pests and fungi.