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ThinkBamboo 🎙 Podcast – 1:1 remote video interview

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the bamboo industry and the people and organizations driving its growth.
Podcast features 1:1 remote video interviews with the movers and shakers within the industry, providing you with exclusive insights into the challenges and opportunities within the bamboo universe.

Explore Bamboo: Join us as we explore bamboo attractions around the world and meet with passionate individuals dedicated to raising awareness about the endless possibilities of bamboo. We also bring you interviews with international organizations committed to transforming the status quo of bamboo, and inspiring others to join their mission.

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Latest ThinkBamboo Video Podcasts:

  • ekawa 5th Generation Co-Creative Bamboo Workshop in the Jungle
    Join Elle and Sergio, visionary architects from the UK, as they reunite for another riveting podcast with ThinkBamboo. Discover their upcoming Bamboo Lab workshop in Colombia—an immersion into sculptural bamboo architecture and a lifestyle of rewilding. Disconnect from ‘normal’ life, reconnect with your dreams, and reimagine the possibilities of sustainable living amidst EKAWA, a lush rainforest sanctuary in the San Blas valley of Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Unique Temporal Bamboo Installations For A Reality That Make You Think
    Explore the 26th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast and step into the creative mind of visionary Bamboo Artist, Holland. As the Creative Director of Culm-Innate Studio in Vietnam, Holland shares his journey as a Bamboo Designer, Contractor, Installation Artist, and Art Teacher, making this episode a captivating dive into the world of bamboo from a artistic point of view.
  • Pioneering A Bamboo Education Haven In Ghana To Empower Youth Future
    GROW Colourful Ghana, featured on ThinkBamboo podcast with Rabea Schürmann, leads a bamboo revolution—sustainable construction, community empowerment, and a global movement.
  • Bamboo Education: A Quest Infused with Ancestral Peruvian Magic
    In ThinkBamboo Podcast’s 24th episode, we spoke with Lorena Nolte, a Peruvian “Bamboo Architect Extraordinaire” in Germany. She combines ancient Peruvian building wisdom with modern European design, advocating for bamboo as a sustainable, regenerative, and versatile construction material, showcasing the fusion of ancient and contemporary sustainability in architecture.
  • Bamboo and Silica: The Dynamic Duo of Life Regeneration
    Shanti shares her expertise on harnessing bamboo’s superfood qualities and emphasizes the critical role of proper preparation for maximizing its potential. Shanti’s contributions extend to the forefront of promoting regenerative growth and soil healing, and she graciously unveils bamboo’s hidden potential to elevate our health and well-being.
  • The Bamboo Master Keeps On Surprising People
    James Wolf, who kickstarted bamboo flooring in 1995 and has since made significant contributions to the bamboo industry across Vietnam, Japan, USA, Bali and Costa Rica. His +30 years of extensive experience includes collaborations with renowned organizations and ventures, including Bamboo Living, Bamboo Pure, Green School, IBUKU, Boo Bicycles, and Bamboo Master Co and Boohugger, with the latter tree being his latest endeavors.
  • Enhancing Growth With Wübu Bamboo: The Agroforestry Product Forecast
    Special ThinkBamboo Podcast, where we are picking the brain of Juan Pablo Martinez, the founder of WUBU Bamboo in Guatemala. We previously recorded a Podcast #2 learning about Juan Pablos Bamboo Ventures. Today we exclusively spoke about his latest WUBU Bamboo: Agroforestry Product Outlook Vision.
  • Tailor Made Bamboo Bicycles: Merging Forgotten Ideas With The Latest Technology
    20th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, with Oswald Wieser, who founded in 2015 SmartGrassBicycles in Germany. We discuss tailor made bamboo bicycles, history, building bamboo bikes around the globe, handmade Bamboo E-Bikes, the challenge of repairing, unique Characteristics and the future.
  • altPlus: Pioneering The Bamboo Frontier With CEO Eric Rupert
    19th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast, we talk with Eric Rupert, the CEO of altPlus. Hailing from Canada and now residing in China, Eric is at the forefront of a bamboo revolution. We discuss engineered bamboo solutions, industry standards, and standardizing bamboo for wider use.
  • Why We Love Radical Ideas: Architect Rethinks Housing With Bamboo 
    17th ThinkBamboo Podcast with Raphaël Ascoli – Radical Ideas: Architect Rethinks Temporal Housing SolutionsWith Bamboo. From his formative years in China to his professional ventures in Japan and his eventual settlement in Myanmar, where he founded the visionary architecture design studio, Blue Temple, Raphaël’s story is a testament to creativity, passion, and transformative design.
  • Carpenter Turned Bamboo Builder Reshaping the World of Bamboo
    In this ThinkBamboo Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Vinc Math, a carpenter by trade, a bamboo expert by profession, and an innovator at heart. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking projects, Vinc Math shares his insights.
  • Ecosystem Services Facts Not Fiction With Bamboo Expert
    Talking facts about Ecosystem Services with Johan Gielis, a leading figure in the bamboo industry for decades, renowned for his pivotal work in bamboo micropropagation techniques and extensive research spanning genetics, physiology, ecosystem services, and environmental impact. Our inicial encounter took place at the 2023 European Bamboo Expo in Germany.
  • Reforesting Mission: 1M Hectares with Bamboo Agroforestry by 2030!
    Interview with Boy Dominik Heemskerk, the visionary founder of Bambouku – the world’s largest bamboo reforestation. Join us as we deep dive into his mission to plant one million hectares of bamboo by 2030, tackling climate change head-on. Discover the immense scale of this reforesting mission and the estimated cost of this ambitious endeavor. Impact and the need for investments in this project.
  • Understanding Bamboo Better: Exclusive Interview with Director Johan Granberg
    Interview with Johan Granberg about his project, the movie “Bamboo – Tradition of the Future,” and its sequel, three years in the making “The Bamboo Dialogues” focusing on raising awareness and understanding of bamboo.
  • World Bamboo Director Susanne Lucas
    In this episode, we explore the key moments and milestones that shaped Susanne’s career as a bamboo pioneer. From her early days in the industry to her pivotal role in founding the World Bamboo Organization and subsequently the World Bamboo Foundation, Susanne’s passion and commitment to bamboo shine through.

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