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Gain an in-depth understanding of the bamboo industry and the people and organizations driving its growth. Meet with passionate individuals dedicated to raising awareness about the endless possibilities of bamboo.

Limitless added value applications: Structures, biochar, foodsfurnituretextiles, charcoal, paper, and bicycles. And Bamboo preservation, Reforestation and Agroforestry.

Latest ThinkBamboo Video Podcasts:

  • Dutch Bamboo Event: ‘Bouw met Bamboe’ Workshops, and Networking
    ThinkBamboo Podcast Ep.40 with Anand and Diederik, of the Dutch Bamboo event “Bouw met Bamboe” in Rotterdam. Gain insights into their collaborative efforts and the vibrant Dutch Bamboo Community they are building, spanning the entire supply chain—from plantation to construction. Explore contributions from experts in cultivating bamboo in Europe, manufacturing engineered bamboo, designing with natural and engineered bamboo, engineering calculations, and construction.
  • Dr. Bamboo’s Thriving Vision: Catalyzing Uganda with a Vibrant Ecosystem
    Ep.39 Dr. Koojo Charles Amori from Kontiki Bamboo in Uganda, a company dedicated to the full spectrum of bamboo product manufacturing. Explore the fascinating world of bamboo as Charles discusses products from toothpicks and skewers to blinds and biochar. Learn how Kontiki Bamboo integrates sustainability and circular economy principles across their operations.
  • Beyond Carbon Fiber: Pioneering High-Tech Bamboo Fiber Composites
    Ep.38 Edouard Sherwood from CobraTex, a startup revolutionizing bamboo in composite materials. Expand your knowledge of bamboo fiber composites, specifically Bamboo Continuous Strip Fiber Composites. From sports equipment to airplane components, uncover the diverse range of products revolutionizing industry standards. Gain valuable insights from CobraTex, from intellectual property rights to collaborative ventures with leading industrial giants.
  • Transforming Communities: The Revolutionary Impact of KuNa Bamboo Homes
    Ep.37 Nicholas Kaspareck, co-founder and CEO of Casa Congo, to discuss their mission to empower local communities through sustainable kuna bamboo housing. Innovative bamboo adobe panel system, development of local bamboo supply chains, funding strategies for sustainable development projects, plans to expand.
  • Bamboo International Transforming Scaffolding Waste Into New Versatile Boards
    Ep.36 Vision for a financially sustainable bamboo industry, collaboration and circular production methods. Alex discusses innovations in upcycling bamboo waste, including fire-resistant boards and structural engineered bamboo beams. Alex envisions bamboo as a key construction material and aims to scale up production while expanding its applications. Bamboo International will return with a booth at this year’s European Bamboo Expo.
  • Four Years in the Making: How Chris Brought Bamboo to a Skate Park in Germany
    Ep.35 Chris Wiesbeck, a passionate bamboo builder from Bavaria. They discuss his project using bamboo for skate park sunshades and his experience at the European Bamboo Expo. Chris emphasizes the need for more community-driven projects and stronger bamboo construction guidelines in Europe. He also mentions his work in Abu Dhabi and bamboo’s potential in different climates.
  • A Decade of Bold Efforts Fuels Mozambique’s Bamboo Destiny
    Ep.34 Paulino Botao, a bamboo enthusiast from Mozambique, living in Germany. Discussing Paulino’s Bamboo Construction Kit, his three-hectare experimental bamboo plantation in Mozambique, and his collaboration with academic institutions.
  • Smart And Easy: The IKEA-Inspired Bamboo Construction Kit
    Ep.33 Christoph Dickhans and his bamboo construction master thesis, exploring collaborations in Ghana, envisioning a versatile construction kit, and leading a seminar on climate-friendly building. We discuss challenges, certification needs, and the importance of research and international cooperation and economic benefits, as well as its synergy with materials like clay and adobe.
  • New Horizons: From Architect to Eco-Pioneer, A Bamboo Visionary’s Odyssey
    Ep.32 Meet Bryan Cano founder of jaraguah, an architect and entrepreneur from El Salvador, dedicated to sustainable building practices. Join us as we explore Bryan’s journey of crafting eco-friendly cabins with bamboo and recycled materials, highlighting the beauty of harmonizing architecture with nature.
  • Embracing Destiny: Empowering Bamboo Journey From Germany To Africa And Back
    Ep.31 Jane, formerly a student at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Germany, delves into her bamboo journey. Through her experiences, Jane illuminates the transformative potential of bamboo in sustainable construction practices, offering insights into building materials and shaping a greener future.
  • Style Upgrade For Good : Bamboo Venture In The Apparel Industry
    Ep.30 Sean Jackson, the visionary behind Tru-FitForma (“True Fit Form”) start-up, takes center stage. Sean unpacks the myriad advantages of bamboo fiber, spotlighting its sustainable allure and water efficiency. Tune in as he navigates through the fabric of Tru-FitForma’s journey, weaving together threads of innovation, perfect fit, and environmental consciousness. Mission to redefine style with sustainability.
  • Embracing Destiny: Silvanus Bamboo Journey From Namibia To Germany
    Ep. 29 of the Next Generation #ThinkBamboo Podcast, Silvanus Nangolo from Namibia, a previous exchange student of Design build-Climate oriented Construction of the The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Germany, delves into his bamboo journey.
  • The Microorganism Marvel: How Nature’s Tiny Allies Enhance Bamboo Growth
    Ep.28 Everest, National Bamboo delves into bamboo’s pivotal role in soil regeneration. Unraveling the intricate dynamics between microorganisms and plant vitality, Everest offers invaluable insights crucial for fostering genuine organic agricultural practices.
  • ekawa 5th Generation Co-Creative Bamboo Workshop in the Jungle
    Ep.27 Join Elle and Sergio, visionary architects from the UK, as they reunite for another riveting podcast with ThinkBamboo. Discover their upcoming Bamboo Lab workshop in Colombia—an immersion into sculptural bamboo architecture and a lifestyle of rewilding. Disconnect from ‘normal’ life, reconnect with your dreams, and reimagine the possibilities of sustainable living amidst EKAWA, a lush rainforest sanctuary in the San Blas valley of Antioquia, Colombia.
  • Unique Temporal Bamboo Installations For A Reality That Make You Think
    Explore the 26th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast and step into the creative mind of visionary Bamboo Artist, Holland. As the Creative Director of Culm-Innate Studio in Vietnam, Holland shares his journey as a Bamboo Designer, Contractor, Installation Artist, and Art Teacher, making this episode a captivating dive into the world of bamboo from a artistic point of view.

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