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Style Upgrade For Good : Tru-FitForma Bamboo Venture In The Apparel Industry

Style Upgrade For Good : Bamboo Venture In The Apparel Industry

Ep.30 Sean Jackson, the visionary behind Tru-FitForma (“True Fit Form”) start-up, takes center stage. Sean unpacks the myriad advantages of bamboo fiber, spotlighting its sustainable allure and water efficiency. Tune in as he navigates through the fabric of Tru-FitForma’s journey, weaving together threads of innovation, perfect fit, and environmental consciousness. Mission to redefine style with sustainability.

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Bamboo Clothing Made in Europe

Discover the sustainable charm and antibacterial wonders of bamboo clothing. Explore how Bamboo Belgium pioneers the use of bamboo for eco-friendly fashion, harnessing its natural antibacterial properties. Say goodbye to body odor with bamboo shorts and embrace a greener fashion future.