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Think Bamboo Podcast Chris Wiesbeck

Four Years in the Making: How Chris Brought Bamboo to a Skate Park in Germany

Ep.35 Chris Wiesbeck, a passionate bamboo builder from Bavaria. They discuss his project using bamboo for skate park sunshades and his experience at the European Bamboo Expo. Chris emphasizes the need for more community-driven projects and stronger bamboo construction guidelines in Europe. He also mentions his work in Abu Dhabi and bamboo’s potential in different climates.

ThinkBamboo PODCAST Christoph Diekhans

Smart And Easy: The IKEA-Inspired Bamboo Construction Kit

Ep.33 Christoph Dickhans and his bamboo construction master thesis, exploring collaborations in Ghana, envisioning a versatile construction kit, and leading a seminar on climate-friendly building. We discuss challenges, certification needs, and the importance of research and international cooperation and economic benefits, as well as its synergy with materials like clay and adobe.

Think Bamboo Podcast with Lorena Nolte Architect from Peru in Germany

Bamboo Education: A Quest Infused with Ancestral Peruvian Magic

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In ThinkBamboo Podcast’s 24th episode, we spoke with Lorena Nolte, a Peruvian “Bamboo Architect Extraordinaire” in Germany. She combines ancient Peruvian building wisdom with modern European design, advocating for bamboo as a sustainable, regenerative, and versatile construction material, showcasing the fusion of ancient and contemporary sustainability in architecture.