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12th ThinkBamboo 🎋 Podcast - European Bamboo Expo with Iraklis Kalamenios

Exclusive Podcast: Iraklis, Founder of the First European Bamboo Expo

Discover the fascinating journey of Iraklis Kalamenios with bamboo in the 12th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast. Explore the upcoming European Bamboo Expo and Iraklis’ role as the mastermind behind this extraordinary event. Join us as we delve into the world of bamboo and its connection to Greek heritage.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: Bamboo: A Regenerative Crop for Europe

Bamboo: A Regenerative Crop for Europe

We explore the potential for bamboo as a sustainable crop in Europe, particularly in Portugal, and the efforts of Hans Friedrich, a bamboo expert, in developing a European bamboo program. We emphasize the need for more awareness and education about bamboo and its potential applications in Europe.