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ThinkBamboo PODCAST Pring Studio

Pring Studio Bamboo Furniture

Experience the fusion of German innovation and Indonesian craftsmanship in Pring Studio’s bamboo furniture designs. Discover their fascinating production process and remarkable beauty. From the origins of their studio to the elegant bent bamboo legs, explore the unique features of their creations.

BambooLogic co-founders Interview

In an exclusive interview, BambooLogic’s co-founders, Kjell and Hans, discuss their pivotal role in shaping the company and capitalizing on the thriving European bamboo industry. Since joining in 2019, they have focused on establishing the impressive Thousand Hectare Plantation in Portugal. With aspirations to expand to 2000 hectares, they aim to position BambooLogic as a leading player in the European bamboo market.

12th ThinkBamboo 🎋 Podcast - European Bamboo Expo with Iraklis Kalamenios

Exclusive Podcast: Iraklis, Founder of the First European Bamboo Expo

Discover the fascinating journey of Iraklis Kalamenios with bamboo in the 12th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast. Explore the upcoming European Bamboo Expo and Iraklis’ role as the mastermind behind this extraordinary event. Join us as we delve into the world of bamboo and its connection to Greek heritage.