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ekawa 5th Generation Co-Creative Bamboo Workshop in the Jungle

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Ep.27 Join Elle and Sergio, visionary architects from the UK, as they reunite for another riveting podcast with ThinkBamboo. Discover their upcoming Bamboo Lab workshop in Colombia—an immersion into sculptural bamboo architecture and a lifestyle of rewilding. Disconnect from ‘normal’ life, reconnect with your dreams, and reimagine the possibilities of sustainable living amidst EKAWA, a lush rainforest sanctuary in the San Blas valley of Antioquia, Colombia.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: EKAWA - Building Dreams with Bamboo: The Inspiring Journey of Elle and Sergio in Colombia

ekawa’s Inspiring Bamboo Journey In The Jungle Of Colombia

Elle and Sergio, two passionate architects from the UK who have embarked on an incredible journey in Colombia. From exploring the untapped potential of bamboo to building a sustainable village, their story is nothing short of inspiring. Join us as we delve into their experiences, challenges, and their vision for a bamboo-filled future. EKAWA the rainforest sanctuary for creativity and healing holds space for inspired living immersed in rainforest life. Located in the San Blas valley between San Carlos and San Rafael in Antioquia, Colombia.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: ReNüTeq: Sustainable Structural Bamboo made in USA

ReNüTeq: Sustainable Structural Bamboo made in USA

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In the interview, Luke talks about his proprietary technology, and high profile projects integrating (SEB) Structural Engineered Bamboo solutions as an alternative to traditional building materials such as steel, aluminum, and engineered wood over the last 10 years.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: Juan Pablo Martinez, Wübu in Guatemala

This Is The Story Of WUBU Bamboo In Guatemala

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Interviewing Juan Pablo Martinez, an Ecologist, Investigator, Entrepreneur and avid Bamboo ambassador, based in Livingston, Izabal, at the margin of the Río Dulce in Guatemala, central America. He shared with us his inspiring journey and his passion for bamboo. – The Bamboo Journey: How One Man Turned Failure into Success with Bamboo.

Guadua angustifolia

Guadua Bamboo

Among the many species of bamboo, Guadua angustifolia stands out for its exceptional growth rate and high yield of usable fiber. This species can yield up to 14 tons of fiber per acre per year, making it a valuable crop for farmers and a valuable resource for a range of industries. In addition to its commercial potential, Guadua is also a powerful tool in the fight against climate change, as it can sequester large amounts of carbon.

2 Year Transformation With Bamboo

2 Year Transformation With Bamboo

Showcase what can be achieved in a record time of just 24 month. In Neotropical Climate, with depleted red clay soil. On a, topographic speaking, Tropical Mountain Rainforest. With Guadua angustifolia and Dendrocalamus asper – bamboo. Overall, the post serves as inspiration for others to use bamboo for rapid transformation of tropical depleted soil.