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ThinkBamboo PODCAST Christoph Diekhans

Smart And Easy: The IKEA-Inspired Bamboo Construction Kit

Ep.33 Christoph Dickhans and his bamboo construction master thesis, exploring collaborations in Ghana, envisioning a versatile construction kit, and leading a seminar on climate-friendly building. We discuss challenges, certification needs, and the importance of research and international cooperation and economic benefits, as well as its synergy with materials like clay and adobe.

Next Generation ThinkBamboo - Jane

Embracing Destiny: Empowering Bamboo Journey From Germany To Africa And Back

Ep.31 Jane, formerly a student at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Germany, delves into her bamboo journey. Through her experiences, Jane illuminates the transformative potential of bamboo in sustainable construction practices, offering insights into building materials and shaping a greener future.