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Think Bamboo Podcast with Lorena Nolte Architect from Peru in Germany

Bamboo Education: A Quest Infused with Ancestral Peruvian Magic

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In ThinkBamboo Podcast’s 24th episode, we spoke with Lorena Nolte, a Peruvian “Bamboo Architect Extraordinaire” in Germany. She combines ancient Peruvian building wisdom with modern European design, advocating for bamboo as a sustainable, regenerative, and versatile construction material, showcasing the fusion of ancient and contemporary sustainability in architecture.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: Bamboo and Silica

Bamboo and Silica: The Dynamic Duo of Life Regeneration

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Shanti shares her expertise on harnessing bamboo’s superfood qualities and emphasizes the critical role of proper preparation for maximizing its potential. Shanti’s contributions extend to the forefront of promoting regenerative growth and soil healing, and she graciously unveils bamboo’s hidden potential to elevate our health and well-being.

ThinkBamboo Podcast with Raphaël Ascoli - French Architect whose journey has been interwoven with the dynamic landscape of bamboo innovation

Why We Love Radical Ideas: Architect Rethinks Housing With Bamboo 

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17th ThinkBamboo Podcast with Raphaël Ascoli – Radical Ideas: Architect Rethinks Temporal Housing SolutionsWith Bamboo. From his formative years in China to his professional ventures in Japan and his eventual settlement in Myanmar, where he founded the visionary architecture design studio, Blue Temple, Raphaël’s story is a testament to creativity, passion, and transformative design.

ThinkBamboo Podcast with Vince Math

Carpenter Turned Bamboo Builder Reshaping the World of Bamboo

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In this ThinkBamboo Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Vinc Math, a carpenter by trade, a bamboo expert by profession, and an innovator at heart. From humble beginnings to groundbreaking projects, Vinc Math shares his insights.

ThinkBamboo Podcast with Johan Gielis

Ecosystem Services Facts Not Fiction With Bamboo Expert

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Talking facts about Ecosystem Services with Johan Gielis, a leading figure in the bamboo industry for decades, renowned for his pivotal work in bamboo micropropagation techniques and extensive research spanning genetics, physiology, ecosystem services, and environmental impact. Our inicial encounter took place at the 2023 European Bamboo Expo in Germany.

ThinkBamboo PODCAST Pring Studio

Pring Studio Bamboo Furniture

Experience the fusion of German innovation and Indonesian craftsmanship in Pring Studio’s bamboo furniture designs. Discover their fascinating production process and remarkable beauty. From the origins of their studio to the elegant bent bamboo legs, explore the unique features of their creations.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: Season 1, Episode 8 - Bamboo Uganda

Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities in Uganda’s Bamboo Industry

Bamboo-Uganda is a social business focused on pushing the bamboo value chain in Uganda. The organization was founded two years ago by a group of bamboo enthusiasts looking to fill a gap in the bamboo processing industry in Uganda. The main challenge was the lack of access to bamboo, which they solved by identifying existing plantations and starting a small processing facility to experiment with making quality products.