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Think Bamboo Podcast with Holland - Creative Director of Culm-Innate Studio located in Vietnam

Unique Temporal Bamboo Installations For A Reality That Make You Think

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Explore the 26th episode of the ThinkBamboo Podcast and step into the creative mind of visionary Bamboo Artist, Holland. As the Creative Director of Culm-Innate Studio in Vietnam, Holland shares his journey as a Bamboo Designer, Contractor, Installation Artist, and Art Teacher, making this episode a captivating dive into the world of bamboo from a artistic point of view.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: Dschung Nguyen, CEO of BambooVision

Unique BambooVision Vietnam Insights At Think Bamboo Podcast

  • Podcast

Video Interview with Dschung Nguyen, CEO of BambooVision: A Conversation on Bamboo Innovation in Vietnam. Dschung shared his insights and experience in the bamboo industry, from growing up in Germany to founding in Vietnam. As an expat entrepreneur, Dschung aims to add value to the bamboo industry by generating innovative products and marketing strategies.