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ThinkBamboo Podcast: Season 1, Episode 8 - Bamboo Uganda

Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities in Uganda’s Bamboo Industry

Bamboo-Uganda is a social business focused on pushing the bamboo value chain in Uganda. The organization was founded two years ago by a group of bamboo enthusiasts looking to fill a gap in the bamboo processing industry in Uganda. The main challenge was the lack of access to bamboo, which they solved by identifying existing plantations and starting a small processing facility to experiment with making quality products.

ThinkBamboo Podcast : Christophe & Thibaut from Bambooneem, in La Reunion

BambooNeem’s Grassroots Social Entrepreneurship in a French Overseas Island

In this 6th ThinkBamboo Podcast, Christophe Rat and Thibaut Fung from BambooNeem in La Réunion, a French overseas region located in the western Indian Ocean, share their bamboo journey. The two entrepreneurs, who are an engineer and architect respectively, established the enterprise six years ago after discovering the potential of bamboo during their work on developing renewable energy systems in the Indian Ocean.

ThinkBamboo Podcast : Oscar Pont, French Architect & Carpenter in Brazil

French Architect Is Planting Bamboo in The Brazilian Jungle

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In this 5th ThinkBamboo Podcast, Oscar Pont, a French architect and carpenter living in Brazil, shares his journey of discovering bamboo as a sustainable material and his efforts to grow and experiment with bamboo on his land in Brazil. Pont explains that his architecture background was rooted in traditional European building materials such as concrete, steel, and stone. It wasn’t until he began traveling in Asia that he saw the potential of bamboo as a building material.

ThinkBamboo Podcast: Bamboo: A Regenerative Crop for Europe

Bamboo: A Regenerative Crop for Europe

We explore the potential for bamboo as a sustainable crop in Europe, particularly in Portugal, and the efforts of Hans Friedrich, a bamboo expert, in developing a European bamboo program. We emphasize the need for more awareness and education about bamboo and its potential applications in Europe.

Growing Bamboo From Seed

Learn howto grow bamboo from seed. It requires proper preparation, such as soaking the seeds, ensuring adequate moisture, and transplanting at the right time. With patience and care, you can successfully germinate and transplant bamboo seedlings in as little as eight weeks.