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ThinkBamboo podcast World Bamboo Director Susanne Lucas

Insights From The World Bamboo Director Susanne Lucas

In this episode, we explore the key moments and milestones that shaped Susanne’s career as a bamboo pioneer. From her early days in the industry to her pivotal role in founding the World Bamboo Organization and subsequently the World Bamboo Foundation, Susanne’s passion and commitment to bamboo shine through.

ThinkBamboo PODCAST BambooBelgium Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo Clothing Made in Europe

Discover the sustainable charm and antibacterial wonders of bamboo clothing. Explore how Bamboo Belgium pioneers the use of bamboo for eco-friendly fashion, harnessing its natural antibacterial properties. Say goodbye to body odor with bamboo shorts and embrace a greener fashion future.

ThinkBamboo PODCAST Pring Studio

Pring Studio Bamboo Furniture

Experience the fusion of German innovation and Indonesian craftsmanship in Pring Studio’s bamboo furniture designs. Discover their fascinating production process and remarkable beauty. From the origins of their studio to the elegant bent bamboo legs, explore the unique features of their creations.

OnlyMoso Italy President ThinkBamboo Podcast

OnlyMoso Italy Bamboo Interview

Tune in to the Nano ThinkBamboo Video Podcast as Fabrizio Pecci, CEO of OnlyMoso Italy, shares captivating insights into the wonders of bamboo. Explore the exciting potential and future possibilities of this remarkable plant in this exclusive interview.

Quick BambooLogic Interview At European Bamboo Expo in Germany

In an exclusive interview, BambooLogic’s co-founders, Kjell and Hans, discuss their pivotal role in shaping the company and capitalizing on the thriving European bamboo industry. Since joining in 2019, they have focused on establishing the impressive Thousand Hectare Plantation in Portugal. With aspirations to expand to 2000 hectares, they aim to position BambooLogic as a leading player in the European bamboo market.